What's on
your wrist?

Cardio-vascular diseases are the leading cause of premature mortality

Hypertension alone claims the third of those numbers

It affects more than 30% of adults

260M wearables worldwide

More than 3% of Earth’s population is using smart wearables. If these were just the early adopters, the number would be lower. With a healthy yearly growth of 13.2% it is only going up.

REVital has an €8.99bn opportunity there. Since we are not device-exclusive that figure is also growing.

Less than a quarter of smart wearables are used to monitor users’ health

REVital supports most of those devices on the market

Data is being delivered Safely, Securely, and Anonymously

The Team

The Team

Word from our CEO

Like in a paper-back murder mystery novel we all know that butler is the killer, but still want to make sure. We all know that our biggest threats are always near. Few people don’t know that a chance of you being hacked to pieces by the next Dahmer are not even close to the ones of you having a heart attack.

Let me tell you how we’re tackling the killer in us issue.


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