February 2023 newsletter

Here is a short update on our progress since the last news release. For the longer version,
please go to the TLDR section.

  1. Our revenue has surpassed €24k in 2022. With our first app released in August that
    is a decent result.
  2. In January our MRR crossed the €5k mark. That is a bit less than we need
    operationally, but we are getting there.
  3. We are expanding the team by hiring a front-end developer. It is an interesting
    experience. You can read more in the TLDR part below.
  4. The core project is moving along: the mobile app is done with access to wearable
    devices data, the doctor’s portal is in the Beta phase and the admin panel is being
    designed. We are on schedule for the release.
  5. Our new website is due next week. It is a total redesign and we’re all looking forward to it going live.
  6. We have finalized our crash-test dummy for testing R⋮FallAPI. I am currently working
    on a testing protocol to avoid generating excessive data noise during actual testing.
    The Newchip Accelerator program we’re in is a bottomless well of knowledge. I met a lot of amazing people doing wonderful things through it.
    I have been assigned as a mentor on Founders Network – https://foundersnetwork.com – to
    another great start-up – https://iamahealth.net and its founder Marina Pappas.
    We have finalized the first development stage of Optimal Match – https://om.app Please
    check them up if you need a matching algorithm for all your needs.


  1. 1. Our revenues crossed the €24k mark end of December. The first revenue came in
    September. We are not yet out of the red, but steadily moving in that direction.
    There are some contracts being discussed at the moment. The core product is
    moving along nicely and should start generating revenue in Q4 2023.
  2. With the projects we’re involved in, our IP, and some additional income sources our
    revenue surpassed €5k MRR in January 2023. That is less than operational expenses,
    but with the new contacts and other revenue streams, we should get to a zero
    balance in 2 months.
  3. We are expanding our team and looking for a front-end developer. The first leg of
    the interview process is done and we’re scheduling the technical part of it for early
    March. We’re hoping to start with the new developer in mid-March. The new person
    will take care of our websites and the front-end part of our core project – REVital.
  4. Our core project is shaping up nicely. The mobile app is ready and collecting the
    data. The backend part is fully functional and secure. We have found a company to
    certify the ready product with. They have experience doing so in the EU and have
    done the preliminary checks. We have also spoken with certification institutions in
    Czechia and received guidelines to make sure we meet all the requirements.
    We also had a look at Medstack as a possible backend host but found them to not
    suit our very specific needs. It is a great platform, and I can recommend it for various
    types of projects requiring ISO:27001 compliance.
  5. https://revital.live website is being completely overhauled. I am currently working
    on a video presentation. The structure and content are done. We are going live late
    next week. I hope you enjoy the new experience.
  6. MM – our crash-test dummy is done. The joints were a hassle. I am pretty happy
    with the way I welded the shoulder joints. Martin, our industrial designer, has
    created the rest of the joints. The neck is especially fine. It turned out a bit heavier
    than I’d liked it to be. But it might even be beneficial when testing our R⋮FallAPI. I’m
    finalizing the V1 of testing protocols. Please follow my feed to see videos and photos
    from initial test runs.

Thank you!
Tori Master


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