REVital was named among the top 50 innovative startups of 2023

WorldFestival 2023 in San Mateo, CA named REVital among the top 50 innovative startups of 2023. That is absolutely amazing news, and I am looking forward to be presenting there. Please come to lovely San Mateo, California either in person 15-16th of August or online 22nd-23rd of August to see us and other startups at the WorldFestival 2023.

With healthcare still recovering from COVID19 and other challenges presented to the world in the recent year remote patient monitoring is becoming more important than ever. The prevalence of smart wearables is spreading, and with that we’re presented with more data than at any point in the past. Health apps are getting more numerous, the use of them is on the other hand not anywhere close. Companies are asking users to bear the burden of knowledge and understanding. They are asking users to check their data, to understand it, to share it. The statistics, however, shows that it just isn’t happening. It is a rather tall order to ask a sales manager to be an expert cardiologist and to understand what those changes mean. Some say that AI will take over the diagnostics bit. There’s a question, though, is AI going to take the responsibility for said diagnosis? Or would that be a company which designed the AI in question? Self-driving cars were promised to take over the roads any moment now. We’re still waiting. And the legislation being the biggest hurdle. Thinking that AI would take over diagnostics, and it will immediately spread to all countries, that’s wishful thinking I’m afraid.

In the meantime, whilst legal gurus are figuring out the legislation and health hardware manufacturers are busy educating the public, we’ll just keep on doing what we do best. We get the data from existing devices and deliver it to doctors, without asking our users to change their behavior, learn new skills, or buy yet another device.

Tori Master

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