REVital Newsletter June 2023

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Hello and thank you for your interest in REVital. Here is the summary of all we’ve done and achieved in the past month.

1.     We have released public demo versions of both our products: the GP application REMedz and the Enterprise one REFormz. Our companion mobile app REConnz has been registered in Apple App Store.

2.     REVital has graduated from Rubik Garage Accelerator in beautiful Piatra Neamt in Romania.

3.     Rubik has selected us for the Investor Relations at the Demo Day on the 16th of June.

4.     Our CEO Tori Master has been discussing potential investments with several VCs and Angel networks.

5.     There were potential partnerships and co-operations discussed with benefit providers, remote patient monitoring companies, and several other industries’ representatives.


1.     There are now public demo versions available for all our apps.

The REMedz is designed for the GPs to combine all the patient health data from wearables in one place and derive meaningful insights from that. Doctors can see heart rate, activity data, as well as personalized averages and heart rate variability over time. That information allows them to predict and prevent health crises well before they happen reducing the number of visits and time spent on a patient. Although the main target is hypertension there are several other conditions that can be diagnosed using REVital’s REMedz app. Doctors are paid for every active patient they have on the system.

The REFormz app is meant for HR departments of medium- to large companies. It aggregates and analyzes the data from employees’ smart wearables and provides HR departments with accurate feedback on the health of the company. We analyze swings in work-related heart rate variability and activity and can provide actions aimed at intervention. By improving work-associated well-being of employees we can reduce the workforce turnover by as much as 17%. That can save a company of 30 employees up to €60k a year.

Our companion app REConnz is designed with an “install-and-forget” approach in mind. People already have a lot of apps demanding their attention or offering them functionality they have in native apps. REVital’s goal is to deliver that health data safely, securely and anonymously to people who can actually make sense of it – doctors.

2.     Our first leg of the journey with Romanian Accelerator Rubik Garage has come to an end. There was 400+ hours of workshops, tens of mentors, more than a hundred of founders from more than 20 countries. It all culminated with a Demo Day on the 16th of June 2023. We have been with Nordic Institute, Newchip, but Rubik has given us more than all of those combined. We were honored to be there till the end among 24 startups selected from around 180.

3.     The next leg of Rubik journey begins now since we have been lucky enough to be selected among 10 startups going for Investor Relations. REVital was honored to start the investor relations in Rubik before the actual program began. We were connected with several investors already and Tori had an amazing time presenting our product and vision.

4.     The gentlemen never kiss and tell. But we have been discussing potential investments, and have some of them pre-committed, for the past couple of months. Tori was fortunate to be able to tell our story and goal to several more VCs and Angels during the event organized by Rubik Hub.

5.     There are possible strategical partnerships and connections being discussed in the last month. We are looking at partnerships with healthcare benefits providers, insurance companies, remote patient monitoring providers, and smart device manufacturers. There are several more introductions pending at the moment.

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