Anna Master​

Lead Designer

I’m a self-taught designer living in Prague, Czech Republic. I’m a leathersmith and a beadsmith inspired by a beauty of nature. My art is meant for those who appreciate handmade designs and “outside of the box” solutions. I love working with leather, gemstones, beads, paints but I’m also open to anything new. Whenever I discover something exciting like paint pouring or epoxy works or wire wrapping I never miss a chance to give it a try even though I have no experience with that media. This way I keep on learning something new and improve existing skills.

I’ve always been creative. My hobbies included knitting, crocheting, embroidery, drawing, singing, dancing since I was a child. However, I chose a material path, studied law and worked as paralegal for many years. My artistic career has resumed back in 2007 once I got bored in Cyprus and office job seemed more and more unbearable. I started drawing again, then learned beading and later fell in love with leathercraft. Initially I’ve got known in connection with a brand Gemsforall I’ve created while I was only working with beads and gems. Later on in 2012 when I started tooling leather I’ve created a new brand called GemsPlusLeather.
My Etsy shop was opened in 2012. It was initially named Gemsforall but later was renamed to GemsPlusLeather ( Since 2020 approximately my schedule is always full at least 3 months ahead. By the end of 2022 my shop’s got about 6,5k followers, 600+ feedbacks and over 2,8k orders despite the fact that I don’t run any promotions. My quality level is high and people find me themselves.
I took part in “Battle of the Beadsmith” contest in 2014. It was time when I wasn’t booked months ahead and could dedicate 2 months of my time to preparation of a contest piece. I didn’t win the contest but thanks to it my “Fly with the wind” phoenix necklace got recognition and I’ve got a lot of followers, orders and didn’t have time for the contests anymore.

My leatherworks, beadworks and tutorials were published in some beading magazines and blogs like Digital Beading Magazine, My lovely beads, Shop Hunting Divas, Beading Gem, b2zone, etc. I’ve got a Facebook page Gemsforall / GemsPlusLeather ( with almost 8k followers.
I cooperate with such famous artists as Jim Linnell, Betty Cox, took part in “around the world ”project together with Iürgen Volbach, Peter Main, Akiko Okada, Terry Diveley, Anton De Wit, Howard Lee, Gina Adam and many others. This piece of art was exhibited in Springfield Leather Company and currently it is in Jim Linnell’s Elktracks Studio:

My phoenix is my most popular project I suppose, I’m mostly recognized by it:

I’m also famous for my tooled leather wing bracers. I’ve made a lot of variations, people were ordering them for the cosplays, theatre plays, LGBT Pride, etc:

This 3D piece has also ended up in Jim Linnell’s Elktracks Studio as a token of my gratitude for helping me to collect money for Ukrainian refugees we’re supporting here in Prague:

I also seem to be the most popular person to make tooled leather conchos with gemstones for Boho bags:

Since November 2021 I started helping my husband with his project ReVital. He’s got a great goal, he wants to help the human kind, so I want to help him in this noble mission. Thus I’ve accepted a role of a CDO. We started with a smaller project creating a personal energy monitoring app called MyPEL. You’re welcome to download it here and our little mascot Teely (also designed by me) will accompany you throughout the day. Here are just a few pictures of what I did for the app

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